Leslie Pendergast

Leslie Pendergast


  • CrossFit L2


Leslie began doing CrossFit in 2013 in Atlanta. She got her L1 certificate in 2015 and began coaching at her gym there. That summer she moved to the Flathead Valley and began working out at Big Mountain for a year before leaving to coach at another local gym. She earned her L2 certificate in 2020 a few months before having her first baby. After having him she took a break from coaching. During that time she established a CrossFit program at Columbia Falls High School which is now offered as a dual enrollment class at Columbia Falls High School and FVCC. In February 2023 Leslie came to coach at Big Mountain and is so happy to have a gym community again!


I love deadlifting, power cleans, rowing, and double unders!!! I’m happiest doing workouts with short sets of varied movements.

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