Bill K.

"My personalized training sessions have been fantastic!"

Once I reached my early 50s I needed to find something to do that would improve my health and fitness.  After trying a couple typical gyms, I discovered CrossFit, realized that it would help me reach my goals and that eventually led me to joining BMCF.  I’ve been a member at BMCF for 2+ years and the workout classes are small, well organized and everybody is friendly and encouraging.  The coaches are very knowledgable in all aspects of fitness and health including olympic lifting, gymnastics, mobility, running, rowing, and nutrition.  I have seen a lot of improvement in my health and fitness which is evident when I am doing other types of outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, skiing , snowshoeing, etc.  I have also been doing personalized training sessions which have been fantastic since the coach puts together a long-term program based on my specific level of fitness and desired athletic goals.

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