Theresa Hartwell

Theresa Hartwell


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  • I graduated High School at 16 and made an attempt at community college, but got bored & indecisive on a career path so didn’t finish. I would work my way up as far as I could go in a company/career choice and then broaden my horizons to level up in life. I finally found my niche in 2014 and am now helping guide people through the largest & most important transaction of their life in buying & selling property, as well as working alongside my parents with their commercial property investments.


After years of on/off globo gym memberships, I was first introduced to CrossFit in late 2008.  My now ex-husband learned about it while being deployed overseas as a civilian security contractor.  While on leave, he threw some weight on a barbell for me & tried to get me to lift it.  I turned around in tears and went back to the treadmill.  In June 2009 we moved to Kalispell & I was faced with a choice; back to a globo gym or try something new?  I knew only 2 other people in the whole valley, he had left to go back to Afghanistan and I was all alone in this new place with my kids.  I went to CrossFit Flathead and chatted with Todd Widman (now at CrossFit HQ), he offered me the Kool Aid and I drank it. I like to say that CrossFit saved my life.  I’m a natural introvert & was a stay-at-home mom when we moved here. Without that community at CrossFit, I have no clue how I would have made it.  In 2012, he came home from Afghanistan & decided not to go back. We wanted to grow our passion for the gym and opened CrossFit Libertas.  I loved building the community & giving back to everyone in helping with their physical & mental health.  Unfortunately, we parted ways in 2016 and I was left with the tough decision to close the gym.  It weighed on me that I let everyone down, so I ran back to my solitude at regular gyms & the garage.  After bouncing around different fitness programs, more Spartan Races, a brief attempt at amateur MMA, and working from my home solo for 3 years; the isolation was getting to be too much.  In early 2023, I had 4 or 5 people push me to go back to CrossFit and knew I needed to do something drastic again to get me out of my self-imposed rut.  I reached out to Heather L, let her know where I was at physically & emotionally but that I knew CrossFit could save me again.  The community at Big Mountain CrossFit is awesome.  People from all walks of life, gathering together without ego or judgment to spend an hour of their day improving themselves, even if it’s just to come in a move slowly because you had a bad day, do some mobility, or push to get a 5# PR on your back squat.  It makes my soul happy to be here and coach.   I know that if things aren’t going well, I can show up to workout in class, be accepted for the mess I am that day, and always leave feeling 10x better.


My favorite workout is Grace. Short & powerful with a moderately heavy barbell.

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